Schiaparelli can shock again

Schiaparelli designed by Bertrand Guyon, ss2016
Schiaparelli designed by Bertrand Guyon, ss2016

There's a new kid in town. Meaning: a new couture house, officially speaking. Just a couple of days ago, Schiaparelli was awarded with the official Haute Couture label by the French Ministry of Industry and the French Couture Federation. That's big and important news, especially for those who love craftmanship and the many métiers that are part of Haute Couture. This year, the house of Schiaparelli celebrates its 90th anniversary. The house was created in 1927 by Elsa Schiaparelli. Thus, it recovers the official Haute Couture label that had disappeared when its namesake founder decided to close her couture house in 1954 in order to write her autobiography Shocking Life.

Elsa Schiaparelli & Salvador Dali 1949 -® Archives Snark_0.jpg

Elsa Schiaparelli with Salvador Dali in 1949, copyright Archives Snark


Schiaparelli reopened a couple of years ago, going back to the very place where Elsa Schiaparelli had left her company: N° 21 Place Vendôme in Paris. Today Schiaparelli’s unique spirit of Haute Couture merging art, innovation, craftsmanship, quality and audacity enters a new chapter of its story. And believe me, that story is very, very interesting. Elsa was a true visionary in many ways. She was always empowering her 'petites mains'. As a woman, she was a true independent and free spirit, daring to speak out against Coco Chanel - no, they were not friends. and of course there's her link with the Surrealist Movement. She was a very good friend of Cocteau and Dali, and many others, and thus one of the first couturiers who blended her work with that of other artists.

Wallis Simpson with the lobster dress by Cecil Beaton -® Condenast Publications inc_0.jpg

Wallis Simpson in the famous Lobster Dress, shot by Cecil Beaton. Copyright Condé Nast Publications 

Elsa Schiaparelli, Vogue, April 1, 1938, illustration by Christian _Bebe_ Be¦ürard_0.png

Illustration by Christian Berard for Vogue, edition of April 1rst 1938

Marle¦Çne Dietrich in Angel movie 1937, wearing Schiaparelli_Getty image_0.jpg

Marlene Dietrich in the movie Angel, wearing Schiaparelli, in 1937

Schiaparelli coat in collaboration with Jean Cocteau embroidery from Lesage Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts_1.jpg

Schiaparelli coat in collaboration with Jean Cocteau


I honestly can't wait to see the new collection, which Guyon will show us during haute couture week in Paris, later this month. I will keep you posted...