Jackson's handwritten recipes copyright Robyn Lea

Dinner with Jackson Pollock

Courtesy Pollock Krasner House and Study Center
Courtesy Pollock Krasner House and Study Center

We all know Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) as the genius of action painting, but did you have any idea that this man could cook? Well, Robyn Lea found out and wrote a book about it. I met her during Milan Fashion Week. She signed her book at the well-known conceptstore Corso Como X and talked about Pollock and his wife, Lee Krasner.
Five years ago, Australian born Robyn Lea came to New York with her husband and two kids. She happened to visit the Pollock-Krasner House near East Hampton during a weekend spree in The Hamptons. Mesmerized by the place, she also found out that both Jackson and Lee had a culinary talent. ‘They both shared a passion for food’, said Robyn. ‘Jackson would fish almost every day and they would cook with wild ingredients. You can’t imagine how many recipes were found in books, all over the house. Jackson’s parents were farmers and his mom was a obsessive cook. As a youngster, he was already fascinated by nature. We see this in the titles of his art works. Jackson and Lee often made dinners for friends, who were artists or collectors or gallerists. The dinner table became a political tool. It was a pivotal place in their house.’

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The vibe of Pollock's work is very present in his former house and workshop in The Hamptons

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Jackson's famous spaghetti sauce

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The famous apple pie


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The Blue Berry Blintzes

Robyn: ‘Had you asked me before, I would have said: Pollock, that’s a wild but irresponsable genius. Today: there’s much more to be said. His applepies were amazing. He tended his garden. And he offered his eggplants to friends whenever they were invited elsewhere for dinner. This book adds a sort of human side to the person we formerly only knew as the genius of action painting.’   

"You can’t imagine how many recipes were found in books, all over the house."

The book is beautiful, with pictures of food, the estate itself, and handwritten recipes. Recipes include Eggplant Constantinople, Slow-cooked pot roast, Long Island Clam Pie and Blueberry Blintzes (and Jackson’s famous spaghetti sauce). 

Jackson's famous spaghetti sauce copyright Robyn Lea

Dinner with Jackson Pollock, recipes, art & nature, by Robyn Lea. Published by Assouline. 2015. ISBN: 9781614284321