View of Gaislachkogl and Ice-Q restaurant Copyright Markus Bstieler

Ready for Ice-Q, Mr Bond?

Ice-Q restaurant Copyright Rudi Wyhlidal
Ice-Q restaurant Copyright Rudi Wyhlidal

Going for the slopes at Sölden will never be the same, after taking off your ski boots to have lunch at the Ice-Q. The restaurant is extraordinary for lots of reasons. Of course there's the setting: location, location, location. High up on the Gaislachkogl, anyone who comes up here for skiing will at least catch a glimpse of the Ice-Q, with its glass box architectural features, its terrasses, its construction as such. And then there's the food, the service, the way you just forget time.

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A mixture of world cuisine and the flavour of the Alps

I loved it up there. Kicking off the ski boots, having to put on house slippers of dark grey felt... does it surprise you that Sam Mendes, director of the new Bond movie, was flabbergasted by the place and used it in Spectre? Ice-Q is not a restaurant in the movie, which is a pity, really, for Bond. He should go back. Why not?


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Skiboots need to go off, instead there's a big choice of home shoes