And then there was...

View from my room 607 at Club Med Val Thorens
View from my room 607 at Club Med Val Thorens

This one is for skiing addicts. For those who stand in line for that first ski lift to take you up the slopes at around 8.30 in the morning. For those who adore the blue skies of the Alps. And for those who crave for some luxury. Whatever that means for them personally.


Another view on the slopes from Club Med Val Thorens

Of course getting an invitation to go on a Club Med trip, makes all the difference. To be honest: I had been a g.m. (gentil membre) before and I had loved it. So there we are, on a Thursday morning beginning of December, at Brussels Airport, with just one question: will there be snow? A few hours later, we feel the crispy cold air of the Alps and witness the snow (lots of snow)  under our feet. We see the blue sky above, and can think of just one thing: life could be worse. Much worse.

matthias geerts met veerle windels.jpg

Enjoying the slopes with colleague Matthias Geerts

Club Med has built a new venue in Val Thorens – voted best ski resort in the world only last year. The old Club sits a few metres down hill, the new one excels in architecture (three towers, a grand staircase), in accomodation (large rooms), in food (two restaurants, one that can even be called cosy) and in fun (at noon, in between skiing classes, and at night). But let’s start with the service. Have you ever been on a skiing trip where you arrive and your ski gear sits in a small locker waiting for you to arrive? Where you get your keycard to your room together with your four day skipass? Where there’s just one thing to keep in mind: don’t overdo the eating and the drinking…

2015-12-05 17.28.58_0.jpg

View from the lobby of Club Med Val Thorens

As I said, I am a fan of Club Med. I understand people who don’t like all the extra’s.  I can understand that you might get bored when every staff member passing by (but really everyone) says hello. I understand your stress when even at lunch time there’s too much food to choose from. And even a few of my best friends would never do the ‘crazy signs’ after dinner, together with some handsome g.o. (gentil organisateur)  that makes you feel all happy and young… I admit, I danced. Hell yeah,  I DANCED.  I even did the crazy signs after dinner (I have done them before) and I did some skiing. I even booked a invigorating massage at the spa – a concept by Carita Paris. And I must say: after three days at this Club Med I felt like I had been on holiday for a fortnight.

2015-12-06 09.24.29_0.jpg

Lots of snow and some sun arriving

What I liked best? The fact that there’s hardly any hassle. Not upon arriving, not upon leaving, let alone during our stay. The fact that you can eat in (relative) silence, at Epicurious, the smaller restaurant of the two, a concept by Michelin-starred chef Edouard Loubet and Club Med chef Thierry Van Rillaer. I loved the skiing from door-to-door, no bus, no freaking out on ski boots with your skis and sticks in your hands. I thought it fair that from the start you know this is not a Club Med for families with kids. (The staircase is hell for parents.) One thing is lacking though: a swimming pool to relax in after the hard work (the skiing that is). There is a jacuzzi, but that’s not my thing. There is a hammam, and I used it, but it’s not a pool. I guess you know it by now: I’m a luxury girl. At times.  Don’t blame me too much, will you?