Meet Liu Chao

The first couture collection of Liu Chao
The first couture collection of Liu Chao

I know what you’re thinking, as most of us do think what is about to follow:  ‘Chinese designers can never be original. They can hardly really swipe us off our feet. They all copy.’ Well, think again. Let me tell you about the collection I went to see in the Ritz in Paris, during couture week. Liu Chao welcomed me with the brightest of smiles. What an energy this guy exuded. Born in China, studied in Paris (Studio Berçot), worked in the design department of both Hermès and Céline and most of all: even learned the tricks of embroidery chez Monsieur Lesage. Liu showed me around his twenty piece-collection like a young schoolboy ready for prom night. He talked me through material and detail, informing me about a bomber jacket with an intricate embroidery on the back, telling me he loved the way modern women enjoyed couture as an everyday piece of the wardrobe they worked for. I just loved this passionate guy. What about you?




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