Nature as imposing as can be

A visit to La Fondation Maeght

Fountains as the basis of renewal
Fountains as the basis of renewal

A couple of weeks ago, I spent an afternoon in Saint-Paul de Vence, having lunch at La Colombe d’Or, followed by a visit to La Fondation Maeght. Both the lunch and the visit were absolutely incredible.


Joan Miró's Le Labyrinthe

I was not aware that over 200.000 people come to the Fondation every year, not just taking in the temporary exhibitions but also enjoying the atmosphere of the site, including the garden. It was quiet on the day of my visit, making it possible to take some nice pictures of a place that I will never forget.


Just one Giacometti and I am happy...

It was André Malraux, who was minister of cultural affairs, when the Fondation was opened in July 1964. Marguerite and Aimé Maeght had conceived and financed an architectural ensemble to present modern and contemporary art in all its forms. Catalan architect Lluís Sert created an imposing piece of architecture, surrounded by in-situ works by Braque, Bury, Miró and many more.


Walking through Le Labyrinthe

Wandering the gardens made me feel lighter by the step. Of course these kinds of museums (by the sea or in nature) tend to make me happy – I absolutely adore the Louisiana Museum in Humleback and will never forget the first time I arrived at the Noguchi Museum in Queens, NY. Here again, I got the impression that art can be much more compelling if nature is around, adding an extra dimension.


Alexander Calder's Les Renforts


Joan Miró, Gargouille


Wonderful colours in the mosaic of one of the fountains


Phenomenal architecture by Sert



Joan Miró, L'Oeuf



View from the car on Saint-Paul de Vence