Backstage chez Schumacher at Berlin Fashion Week

Racing with Schumacher

Backstage at the show. Copyright Marleen Daniels
Backstage at the show. Copyright Marleen Daniels

Schumacher is a name that makes us think of fast race cars and a handsome man, but it's a bad joke really if you mention it talking to Dorothee Schumacher. The name may not a ring a bell, but it sure does in Germany, where the label is one of the biggest in the medium to high end range. Dorothee is a pleasure to talk to, and her (almost all female) team is great to be around (and that's an understatement). The collection? Clean ensembles in wonderful fabrics, daring prints and a rock attitude which I like in an outfit you'll want to wear daily. Take a look at what she has in store for us this winter...


Backstage at the Schumacher show. All images Marleen Daniels


Copyright Marleen Daniels



Dorothee Schumacher backstage at her show. Copyright Marleen Daniels



The line-up of the fashion show in Berlin. Copyright Marleen Daniels



Models waiting before taking the stage. Copyright Marleen Daniels



Something clean, something edgy, something very Schumacher. Copyright Marleen Daniels



Dorothee during the show backstage. Copyright Marleen Daniels



The designer watching her show backstage, on the screen. Copyright Marleen Daniels