Our man in Havana

Havana, Cuba, May 2016. Copyright Jonas Gustavsson
Havana, Cuba, May 2016. Copyright Jonas Gustavsson

More and more luxury houses show their in-between-seasons-collections in places most people never visit. Dior is off to Rio soon and Chanel just organised a major event in Cuba. Staging a show there is a statement. The fact that Chanel got the okay to do the show means there's a major turnaround in the way the Cuban government looks at the West (following the way the US handles things with Cuba these days). Karl Lagerfeld, creative everything at Chanel, did the job, but so did Jonas Gustavsson, the Swedish photographer based in New York, who got invited by Chanel and of course happened to be up quite early every morning to snap a few shots here and there. This is what he came home with.